Maine Lobster Legacy

Maine Lobster Legacy

What makes Maine Lobster unique? It’s a culinary icon and economic powerhouse, employing thousands of Mainers and contributing more than $1 billion to the state’s economy each year. The lobster industry symbolizes the very essence of Maine – pristine waters, a rugged coast, premium products, hard work, and a legacy that reaches back more than 400 years. For nearly 150 years, the Maine lobster industry and state government have worked collaboratively to manage this precious resource, building it into what we have today.

Meet the Lobstermen

Lobstering in Maine is a close-knit community of harvesters, and often a multigenerational family tradition. The stories of their work on the water are as unique as Maine itself, from the origin of lobster boats’ names to the way they each fell in love with the lobstering life.

Peter Miller

Tenant's Harbor, ME

Peter Miller has been fishing since he was ten years old, on a rowboat with …

Dustin Delano

Friendship, ME

Dustin first went lobster fishing when he was 5 – “I went with my Dad, …

Maine Lobster Stories

Think Maine Lobsters are delicious? You’re right—but they’re more than just a treat. No matter how lobster-knowledgeable you might be, there’s always more to learn about your favorite marine crustacean.

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Protecting Our Oceans and Coasts

The Maine Lobster fishery has long prided itself on being a sustainable industry, and has …