Prep & Eats

Prep & Eats

There’s an art to enjoying lobster, whether flawlessly cracking a shell, finding a cutting-edge seafood chef, or perfectly pairing your wine. Learn the wheres and hows of a delicious lobster meal. (The whys, of course, should be obvious.)

Maine Lobster Recipes

There are endless ways to serve the sweetest, most tender lobster in the world—and we’re pretty sure you’re going to want to try them all.

Preparing Maine Lobster Articles

How do you crack a shell like a Maine-born pro? What’s better—steamed, boiled or grilled? Before you enjoy that first, perfect bite of a Maine Lobster, you need to master your lobster prep.

Spread Cheer This Holiday Season With Maine Lobster

The holidays are just around the corner. Pretty soon, the bells will be ringing, carolers …

Introducing Maine Lobster Butter

There’s no better pairing than Maine Lobster and butter, so why not combine them? Meet …